The Amakai series follows Eila Corbin on her journey through time and around the world. Beginning with The Grasp of Time, the Amakai series includes science fiction and fantasy elements, and features elves, dwarves, dragons, cyborgs, vampires, mages, virtual world hackers, and more. It might best be classified as a “new adult” slipstream series, and will come to encompass eight novels in the main story arc, side stories, and perhaps more.

The Grasp of Time started as a custom, one-on-one roleplaying game between a wordsmith (Raven) and a talespinner (Robin) back in 1998. After completing the game over nine months of evenings, Raven wrote down what she could remember, making notes, and trying to capture bits of dialogue. Though they went back and forth on developing the story, their break-up put brakes on the story.

It wasn’t until the summer of 2009, after reconnecting, that they talked of reviving Eila’s story. They wrote the draft together in three weeks via chat and private, online journals. The sequel, Seal Breaker, was drafted a week after completing TGoT. Though the series was set aside for other projects–and life–between drafts, the first book is finally available to the public through Amazon, Kindle, and Nook.