The following are characters of note in the series.

Eila [EYE-la]. The main character of this story. A linguistic anthropology student at the University of Washington with a penchant for saying more than she should.

Riley Mackintosh. A dwarf fixer, social engineer, and man-about-town.

Aithne [ah-EHN-ya]. An aelf of the House Silverlight, a.k.a. House Argent’claire, working in the Prime as a Hand of the Elders.

Piotr Pasternak. A Russian chronomancer in the House of Forgotten Shadows. He has a knack for languages, and an unsettling tattoo covering most of his body. Raised Russian Orthodox.

The House Master. The unnamed and covered master of the House of Forgotten Shadows. A strong, formidable chronomancer of unknown origins.

Khraesch. An orc xama, or spiritual leader, from a specific lineage. Advisor to Aithne.

Aeryelle / WildFeather / Aeri. A charming aelf  trained in enchantment and illusions. Works on Aithne’s team. Originally from the forest at Merzai.

Delilah Deng. An Avery-level hacker of the virtual world, who suffers an unfortunate case of VMP-26 infection. Devoted to her girlfriend, Aeri.

Gorgon / Fire in the Heart Destroys the Darkness. A young, red, orphaned dragon, currently being raised by Aithne and Khraesch.

LlewellynWells. An aelf working behind-the-scenes to support a convoluted timeline for reasons unclear. Aithne’s former student.

T-40 / Tracer-40 / Timothy. Another Avery-level hacker of the virtual world. Leader of a Seattle-based cadre of hackers for hire.

Kim. A novice chronomancer in the House of Forgotten Shadows. A useful informant and pawn.

Kirchner, Starrstrike, The Professor, and The Lady … all to be discovered in Time.