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Raven J. Demers is a wordsmith living in a forest outside Seattle with her family. She is author of Perdition and Cress and the Medicine Show. Raven earned a degree in Anthropology from the University of Washington, and teaches literature to homeschooling teens. She believes the answer to her farming obsession might be ducks, but first she must acclimate to the rabbits who are taking over her house.

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Robin Wood has been known by many names over the years. Robin enjoys crafting tales and experiences, from the far-fetched, to the close-to-heart. Robin currently lives in the Pacific Northwest when not traveling other lands.

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Natasha Swan works as an illustrator based in Montana, USA. Natasha’s work can be found on the covers of The Grasp of Time and Desir Vert, and on their Patreon account. [Caution: their art is often adult-oriented and NSFW.]

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IMG_20180418_230514_552Emily P. Fuller works as an illustrator in the United States. She employs both traditional and digital drawing methods in her fantasy creations, and spends her free time drawing original characters and fan art from her favorite shows, including Steven Universe and Voltron. Emily provided the coloring pages for The Grasp of Time.

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ellen-temp-photoEllen Klowden is a freelance editor, transcriptionist, ghost writer, auditor, and event coordinator, best known as the founder and coordinator of Creation Station, collective of panelists hosting a uniquely welcoming track of programming at literary and fandom conventions. She edits everything, from research for international journals on machine learning, to vocational textbooks, to fantasy novels, of which she particularly enjoys dreaming of beloved characters.  Kaylee Kitty will love it if you help her mama work from home. Rates and formats negotiable; barter accepted.